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Get produced, get published, let your brilliance shine!

Amber Reed as Cathy and Sherein Idkidek as Delilah in "How to Kill a Cactus" (as "Miss Hannah Comes Back"), May 2010.

Increase your chances of getting your plays produced and published, even with all the new plays being submitted to theaters. It is possible when you know what artistic directors and literary managers are looking for, and how to target your submissions so you get the best response.

On this site, you get tips on:

  • how to find out what individual theaters want
  • how to send your best submission
  • where to find submission opportunities
and other information to help you let your brilliance shine in the theater world.

Getting More Productions

I'm testing my ideas about the best way to get more productions, using the process described on the page How to Get More Productions

Follow along on my blog, and please steal my process and let it work for you.

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A New Audio Interview Sample – Try Before You Buy

"A Key to Success: Make Sure it's Your Play, from your Heart and Soul"

From "The Produceable Playwright." Director and actor Mari Geasair takes what our interviewees tell us, and makes it into practical advice for you.

Your Play, from your Heart and Soul (MP3, 1:51)

Audio Interviews: "What Playwrights Should Know"

Submit your plays with greater confidence to the theaters that will appreciate them, without wasting your time and money. Hear from the decision makers in their own words about what makes a play that they want to produce!

Price: Just $4.99 for each interview!

Want to try them before you buy? Download the free samples below.

For more details on the audio interviews, and information on how to purchase, go to purchase audio interviews.

Free Audio Interview Samples

"What should you know that most playwrights don't?"

Get advice on this from Miriam Weisfeld, the Director of Artistic Development at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Washington D.C.

Miriam Weisfeld on What Playwrights Should Know that they Don't (MP3, 5:42)

Woolly Mammoth is a member of the National New Play Network, an organization dedicated to producing and promoting new plays. You can find out more info about about them at

"What makes a play stand out as excellent?"

From Dave Frieze, Chair of the John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award, New England Theatre Conference.

Dave Frieze on What makes a Play stand out as Excellent? (MP3, 9:15)