Excessive power consumption in Surface is a Windows Hello problem

April 5, 2017 Josephine Porter 0

Surface Book 4 and Surface Pro 4 tablets have recently begun to complain about battery depletion, which has greatly reduced the working time of these devices. Although the official reason is not known, but there is a high probability that it is responsible for Windows Hello.

Windows Hello is a completely new biometric user identification system, which is part of Windows 10. Microsoft has introduced it to make it easier to log on to the computer and replace the previously used passwords. The software supports biometric technologies, that is face recognition, iris and fingerprints, and protects the equipment by preventing unauthorized access to the data collected.

It is this system that can cause excessive use of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Users of these products, on the official -us / surface / forum / surfpro4-surfperf / i5256gb-surface-pro-4-overheats-and-drains-while / 8cad1487-d29b-4c97-856a-3983f4fd70cd?In the & 1 = 1 Microsoft forum they complain that something makes the device work much shorter than they should, even if they are asleep or in standby mode. Wines can lie just on Windows Hello.