The Samsung Gear S3 Apple watch has just become even more uninteresting IFA 2016

April 24, 2017 Josephine Porter 0

Samsung at the press conference held just before the IFA showed two new watches: Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier. In addition to the appealing look of classic analog watches, they stand out for their rich functionality, which can envy most competitive solutions - including those from Apple.

Both of Samsung's new watches are round and have a rotating dial that has popularized the very successful Gear S2. They are made mostly of stainless steel and after looking at them close up, we caught a glimpse of the great attention to detail. They have been prepared for men, because they are really large and massive, which makes them look less attractive on a fine, feminine wrist. But it does not take away their style and charm - Gear S3 Classic is more subdued and elegant, while Gear S3 Frontier should come to the taste of active people - and it was his character more to our liking.

What's important is that both watches have standard 22 mm grips, so everyone can adjust their look to their liking. Generally, both of Samsung's novelties have made a very good impression on us, and we like the direction in which gadgets are developing. After a few minutes spent with them we can stick only to their considerable thickness, noticeably exceeding the norms set by analog watches and very difficult for people wearing shirts with cuffs.

Both versions of Gear S3 bring with it a handful of new functionality, very missing in their predecessor. The standard in them - apart from the heart rate monitor - is GPS and barometer. With the addition of the ability to record your route without connecting to the phone, you can very easily check your speed, which will probably be appreciated by bicycle and ski enthusiasts. By contrast, the barometer not only measures the pressure, but also allows you to check the current altitude above sea level. In addition, both Gear S3 variants are equipped with a microphone and speaker, so having one on your wrist, you can pick up an incoming phone call without pulling the phone out of your pocket.