Qualcomm denied rumors of problems with Snapdragon 810

The Snapdragon 810 was to be Qualcomm's flagship product and to conquer the mobile processor market. Unfortunately, problems with overheating of the system caused the plan burned in the pan. Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing, says, however, that reporting design defects is nonsense and is a mere sabotage to harm the company's position.

The mobile processor market is dominated by two companies, Qualcomm and MediaTek. This first manufacturer has recently lost a lot in its image when it turned out that its latest Snapdragon 810 chip is likely to have a design flaw that causes excessive heat up of the chip. For this reason, Samsung has resigned from using it in the Galaxy S6 model, and also had problems with it HTC.

Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing, denies rumors suggesting that the processor was defective. It ensures that all reports are false and that their dissemination is a mere sabotage to harm the image of the company.

In his view, the HTC One M9, which clearly shows that the hardware is much warmer than competing devices, is also unreliable. In his view, this is due to the fact that HTC did not yet have the final version of the software for the new phone, so the device functioned at the pre-release parameters. And this helped to generate a higher system temperature than it should have been.

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