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Standard Play Format

Leslie Foley as Cathy and Dorsee Klement as Delilah, at a reading of "How to Kill a Cactus," Jauary 2013.

Show artistic directors and literary managers that you're professional in how you format your scripts.

From our own experience reading plays, for theaters and festivals, we know that how you format your script makes a difference.

What is Standard Format?

Many theaters and competitions ask for "standard play format." What's confusing for playwrights is that there are different definitions of "standard play format." And different countries use different standards.

If a theater or competition gives you specifics, follow them. Otherwise, there are several guides to standard play format that will help.

More about Standard Play Format, including links to different standards

Helpful Software

There are software packages and on-line services that can help you write your script in standard format. They also do lots of other helpful things, such as keep your notes, give you basic character-dialog analysis, and support sharing. Some have mobile apps and on-line, browser based apps.

You can also use Microsoft Word; creating styles can help make it easier.

More about Helpful Software, with links to Web sites